No! I Do Not Want To Hear More!


Crazy Upset
Making Me Crazy

There is a time in every industry where it goes through a major change so fundamental it rocks decades of its past. This is happening now in the on line ad business as it creates more and more interrupt ads on your phone and computer.

You cannot read an on line article today without having some kind of pop up ad interrupt your reading. It clearly is not working, so the pop up ads now mask themselves as part of another interesting ad.

“New Ways Archeologists are Finding Treasure” may be the article you want to see. As you visit it, you click the side of the picture for the next part of the story.

But, the scam advertisers change that click several times so you click on something taking you to life insurance or mortgages.

When advertisers need to scam people’s clicking habits in order to get their messages across, it is not the beginning of a new paradigm, it is the end of an old one.

Guys, interruption marketing is over.

We hate you.

We hate that you scam us by promising valuable content and when we click on it we get scammed into clicking into your crap.

You know we have no interest in it or you would approach us directly.

But the scam is on the ad buyer. You deliver to the buyer 1 million reads, so someone must be interested.  SCAM. This is the end of a strategy.

We hate your interruption and we hate your product and nobody will ever be —-EVER—successful with this crap.

So if you lack imagination, find a job in government and leave us alone.

We hate your work, you are failing, your buyers are stupid and someone with imagination will replace them.

Go away!!