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We have no regularly published timeframe. We create articles in response so something we do or one of our portfolio companies does. For instance, there is a growing interest in EDGE computing. We have a dog in that fight so we are making quite a strong statement concerning the difference between EDGE computing and computing at the edge.

One of our favored techniques is dealing with trusted advisors who bring our products into Fortune 500 firms at the C-level. That particular sales approach is efficient, the prospects trust it inherently and virtually nobody else does it. So we write a lot about how this works for us

We also use a marketing technique we call “confrontational marketing.” It isn’t that in-your-face as it sounds, but it does go against the grain of traditional B2B marketing.

We believe current B2B marketing techniques are appalling. Everyone looks the same, sounds the same and uses the same tools. Confrontational marketing is all about contrast – showing differences and how those impact outcomes. You may be interested in how we are doing this. So we write about it a bit.

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