Bringing disruptive technologies to those who fear change and our corporate site promote disruptive advances in technology, emanating from entirely new compute stacks, improving the lives of all Americans.

We also engage in critical thought at a time when such thinking is becoming extinct in American life. Without critical thought, asking “why” some nonsense needs to be, there can be little progress.

America is at the end-of-life for most of the technology used in corporate IT. Data centers cannot efficiently grow forever, customers cannot afford more Oracle and VMware.

The event shining a light on this end-of-life is the movement to the cloud.

Firms are spending billions of dollars moving apps to the cloud. They are waking up to the fact that in “the cloud” not much changes. Apps run pretty much the same, cost as much or more, generate vendor lock-in and are a disappointment to management.

The cloud, like timesharing in the 1970s, is just someone else’s computer – and like timesharing, it too will pass.

Current digital transformation is vendor-led and mostly FAKE. Vendors with zero transformation in their own organizations are defining transformation as something they can deliver. That is often nonsense.

We believe in the Einstein Effect: one cannot solve problems with the same tools that created them.

We believe, and we are proving, that fundamentally new technology stacks are the only way to deliver different outcomes. We invest in and support firms delivering such foundational change.

Our challenge is how to introduce new technology stacks to a market both protected and throttled by technology incumbents whose lives are threatened by new compute paradigms.

Every day we must find ways to overcome the hurdles of bringing innovative products to those who claim they seek disruption but whose organizations cling to obsolete, foundational technology.

We find innovators and early adopters at firms whose management desperately wants new operating models but whose technical infrastructure fears change.

Sometimes we go directly to the CEO. Like the time we went to Meg Whitman of EBAY, when EBAY’s brand was in jeopardy from auction fraudsters. EBAY was frequently on the front page of USA Today – that is, their screaming customers were reported after being scammed by auction fraud.

The FBI, the Secret Service, the neural net world, and every cyber security company in the world could not stop auction fraud where the fraudsters changed every identifier when kicked off the site, then joined again invisibly. Using a new technology stack, we delivered the solution.

We developed the auction fraud solution, took it to Meg Whitman and it was so valuable to their brand they wrote it up in the annual report.

Auction fraud is now a distant memory.

Introducing technologies that create entirely new business models or solve intractable problems is as difficult as ever. The level of marketing noise from useless products and over-VC-funded companies overwhelms the signal of the technologies that deliver true value.

We are bringing System Oriented Programming and an innovative social engagement technology to those who want to change their business, compete in new ways and deliver customer value impossible with current technology.

One of our team members is developing a similarity search technology for industrial scale fraud detection, searching scores of databases, real time, finding fraud the instant it happens.

All our investments use a completely different compute paradigm from the current one in its market. In every case, the outcomes are so different that our single business objection remains: “….this is too good to be true.”

On this site, we are posting our journey, a really fun slog through finding the customer who is desperately looking for us.

In the end, that is our strategy: find the customer looking for us!

Here we will document how we are doing it!

Corporate line execs desperately seek foundational technologies that deliver new business models.  Those technologies are the SIGNAL.  They must penetrate the NOISE from thousands of useless, over-funded tech offerings that offer little business advantage.

Our endeavor is to get to those executives and help them create new business models.

Find The Customer Looking For You