About Us

Our team brings disruptive technology to market without early venture capital.

We led the team that built the eBay fraud detection engine when no technology could stop on-line auction fraud.  Our team built the technology for the TSA No-Fly list, preventing people from modifying their names to avoid detection.

Our technologies were used to stop auto fraud rings at State Farm Insurance, GEICO, Travelers, USAA and other insurance firms.

Disruptive means something to us.

Our offerings move decimal points.

Fractal programming replaces legacy applications that take 90 hours to run on an IBM mainframe with an app that runs in 30 seconds on a $4,000 Intel NUC you can hold in your lap.

Our social media company connects people using advanced search and weighting technology not otherwise commercially available.

Our site features articles on Disruptive Technology, showing the reader what is beyond the absurd “cloud computing” wave which is timesharing by another name.

Our Lone Wolf articles feature our “best practices” on how to get to market through the VC funded white noise of thousands of useless tech startups driving prospects crazy with cold calls.

Our Toxic VC Funding section pokes empirical fun at the crazy, useless stuff VCs force their “investments” to do on the way to equity wipe out.