What We Do

We live in an age of marketing pollution.

If your technology changes how something is done, you are very different from the “nice-to-haves” financed by endless VC dough.

Unfortunately, they have polluted the buying environment with incessant cold calls, 23-year-old “business dev reps” phoning the second someone downloads a “whitepaper,” otherwise known as a brochure.

So, B2B buyers avoid enterprise B2B sellers like they had Ebola.

The disruptive world is different. 

The disruptive technology company is selling to the innovator and early adopter.

Innovators WANT to hear from you; you must cut through the noise to find them.

Innovators and early adopters react to stimuli foreign to current B2B sales forces.

Disruptive innovation does not need venture capital because early venture capital will make the disruptive company do stupid things fast.

The venture capital firm will force the company to hire a sales force it does not need, bulk up marketing, business development and spend money on useless things that bring no early value.

Those legacy B2B enterprise sales teams from VMware, Oracle, IBM, SAP could not find an early adopter if he or she wore a prison ankle bracelet.

Thus, few sales, endless dilutive financing rounds, and the founders lose their equity – and get fired.

Find the customer looking for you.  Find the innovator, the early adopter.

Since we do it in our business, our Lone Wolf series shares our experience.

These articles are not for everyone. 

Then again, neither is success.