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SaaS Sales Automation Is A Very Expensive Failure
Trusted Advisor Selling — Selling That Works!
Why Account-Based Marketing Is Nonsense
Venture Capital Poisons Disruptive Startups And Other Living Things
Direct B2B Sales Forces Are Obsolete — Do Not Invest In Direct Sales
Why We Hired A Cartoonist And Hollywood Script Writer Before A VP Of Marketing
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Alternatives To Toxic Venture Capital
Why It's High Time For Confrontational Marketing
Business Development Is Too Critical To Be Left To Corporate Politicians
Why Content Marketing Fails
When Status Quo Is Your Competitor, Big Changes Are Coming!
FAKE Digital Transformation Hoax Opening Massive Sales Opportunity
Using Legacy Security For Cloud-Transformation Is Not Working
Cold Calling — Digging Ditches With A Spoon
Territory Management Costs Less, Delivers More and Sales Reps Love It
Why Do SaaS Companies Waste 95% Of Their Marketing Dollars?
Why Account-Based Marketing Is Nonsense
Being Noticed Does Not Mean Being Heard
Why Are All My Sales Reps Failing?
Want To Make Quota? Sell Stuff That Matters!
Big Lies In VC Financing
Company Culture: So You Don't Ask the Right Questions
Computing At The Edge vs. Edge Computing - Why It Matters
Digital Transformation -The CIO Activity Trap
Edge Computing vs. Computing At The Edge = Massively Different Outcomes
You Don't Need A Data Center Any More - Yours Or The Cloud
The Omega Play - What To Do When All Else Fails!
Are You A Salesperson Or A Human Being - Learn The Difference
Why Nobody Makes Quota - Sell Stuff That Matters
Did SalesOps Destroy Sales Imagination? It Did!
Why Do SaaS Companies Waste 95% Of Marketing Dollars?
The Disruption Paradox - Part 1
Digital Transformation Myth - 2022 Story
Edge Computing Behind The Corporate Firewall
Social Media Harassment - Today's Bad Idea
Systems Oriented Programming - New Compute Paradigm
Cloud - Last Gasp Of Legacy Technology
Systems Oriented Programming - Perfect For The Work From Home Generation
Our Problems Are In Code We Don't Want
AS/400 - The Ideal Landing Zone for System Oriented Programming
Microservices to Micro Apps, The Parallel App
A Software Supercomputer? Now There's An Idea!
Deliver Apps At 10X The Speed - Locality of Logic
Who's Hiding The Digital Transformation Criteria List?
Digital Transformations Fail Because They Must
End Of The Software Era Is At Hand
DevOps Is Dead - Customer Centric App Development Is Here
Personalization At Scale And Other Sales Madness!
The End of the Franchise Rep
Why Nobody Gets An Appointment Anymore
Parallel System Validation - The End of DevOps
Customer Centric App Development Is Here

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