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Disruptive means something fundamentally changes by ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE.

Eliminate I/O in compute, the single largest drag on modern computers.

Turn any desktop into a supercomputer. Operate 1 million times faster. Cut application dev costs 90%. Reduce cloud bills 85%.

That’s disruptive and we do it, and we bring it to market. Here, we tell you how.

The pathetic “sales coach” industry gave us sales ops, metrics driven selling counting every email. Prospects loathe speaking with a seller. Almost nobody consistently makes quota.

Those loser coaches tell you how to excel with account based selling, outcome selling and other nonsense.

They tell you to avoid the Lone Wolf – who operates alone, avoids company meetings and marketing jargon. Yet, he or she changes the trajectory of a company.

You’ve heard about the lone wolf. Come here and learn what one has to say.

Venture capital is not going to make you rich. You are here to make a VC rich. A VC does nothing more than give you green dough, harass you at board meetings and constantly make your management do really stupid stuff – fast.

If you have a crappy product, like devops anything, or security, VC’s are great. You won’t break out anyway so take their dough and enjoy a few years’ gig.

If you have a disruptive technology, there are ways to get funded, at scale, with zero equity loss, no stupid MBA types at your board meetings, and keep the wealth you earned. Here, we tell you how.