Brain Dead Social Media Reach Out

Really Stupid Stuff

Left handed people know they are lefties. Tall people know they are tall. But really stupid people actually think they are clever, and they just do not go away.

That is what happens when there is a common way to do something hard, like find new prospects, that is easy to implement regardless of its eventual result.

LinkedIn “social media” prospecting is easy. Any fool can log on, go to Sales Navigator, get names that match a profile like VP of Sales or Marketing, then SPAM away.

It might work for a few people. Probably not but let’s say.

The competition, however, is not the firm with a similar service. The competition is the NOISE from literally thousands of mindless, dial-for-dollar types who flood your inbox with these kind of useless pitches.

Take a moment to read this, from someone who really should have known better. Then ask: “Do I really want to invest in social media marketing?”

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