Software That Makes Hardware A Million Times Faster?

Super Computer With Software
Software Super Computer


What the heck is a super computer?


One that delivers super computer outcomes.


One could measure by transaction speed, by size, by cool types of multi-spacial processing. Whatever it is, it is something pretty damn fast.

Fast? What’s fast?

Getting an app to run fast? Getting coding to work 1,000 times faster than current DevOps? Really quick data access across multiple data bases – each in a different format?

Yeah, all of that, if it were a thousand to a million times faster than current technology might be considered “super computing!”

Let’s apply super computing to today’s jargon phrase “digital transformation.”

OK, let’s define transformation SUPER outcomes. Let’s draw a line in the sand and see who can step over it. Kind of a Texas Alamo thing:

·     Current IT apps are made to run 1,000 to 1 MILLION times faster

·     Cut storage 90% by eliminating data redundancy from current database technology

·     Apps one expects to take 36 months to build are delivered, in production in a quarter

·     Cloud costs reduced 50% – 90% because apps do not need the service layers

·     Oracle, VMware and other software licenses are not needed

·     Overall IT spend reduced 50% while delivering many more new apps per month

·     Such outcomes are delivered risk free, at 1/10th the cost of current technology

What did you do working at home during the great pandemic? We implemented software that makes current computers SUPER COMPUTERS!

Welcome to Fractal Programming – the evolution of microservices and object-oriented programming into micro APPS.

One of the larger billing systems in the United States is for a Fortune 10 firm, with over 50 million customers, multiple classes of service, and scores of line items for each customer.

You are probably one of its customers.

This billing system today runs across a collection of data centers so large that, if you put them together, you need a golf cart to traverse it.

Just the billing system costs over $1 billion yearly to operate.

Yet a larger billing system, processing over TWICE AS MANY CUSTOMERS and service classes runs on a collection inexpensive Intel NUCs, costing less than $10,000, in an Austin software tech lab. The entire “data center” would comfortably fit in the back of a Tahoe.

Its cost, instead of a billion dollar data center, is less than $10,000, excluding the Tahoe.

Instead of a billing cycle taking 25 days to compute, it calculates all bills in a couple of minutes.

Instead of needing a golf cart, the distance across the data center is measured with a yardstick.

Instead of paying an army of Amdocs engineers hundreds of millions of dollars a year to maintain, modify and build new billing apps, this same work is done with a single engineer.

Instead of paying Oracle millions of dollars for multiple copies for backup, this system is distributed, runs in triplicate, no Oracle or VMware needed.

Instead of burning the electric energy needed to power over 100,000 homes, the power consumption is less than that needed for a Tesla.

Instead of paying Amazon or Microsoft $700 million a year for cloud services in their data centers, the cloud services bill to run this system is close to zero.

Here is an example of what super computing can deliver, today – with software. Fractal Programming software.

Let me write that again: This is being delivered today, with current hardware technology.

Only the software is different!

Saving big money is always an eye catcher. But hidden in a benefit stack is what you can do with such a technology.

This behemoth billing system now operates at the edge. Think that through for a minute. One of the world’s largest billing systems, that currently consumes a massive corporate data center, just went to the edge of the network. 

Bills can be delivered, in real time on a phone or edge device. 

Pay attention here! That means you do not even need to use the Intel NUCs. The phones for this firm’s customers can serve as a massively distributed data center!

A customer can see their bill, for scores of different services, on their phone, the moment they appear.

Super computing is the future but it may not be coming from the corner everyone is watching.

The change agent is SOFTWARE.

The team built a new software stack that enables companies to deliver current, legacy apps, in containers, in a single quarter, at super computer speed and at less than 1/10th the cost of current apps.

These “transformed apps,” running a million times faster with 90% less storage can run in parallel with existing apps for a day, month or year, reconciling every line item.

When the user is happy, get rid of the army of consultants and reap financial and energy savings one never thought possible.

Gartner Group forecasted in January 2022 the current tech stack is at end of life in the next 3 years.  We agree.

So we created a new one – Fractal Programming – a new tech stack that makes current hardware run 1,000 times faster.

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